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With all the beautiful butterflies flitting around this spring,  I just had to join in by creating a few butterfly pieces.  Always seems the last piece I’ve worked on is my new favorite. This one included!  

Thinking on the metamorphosis of the life of a butterfly, compelled me to think on how we can be like that too! Even though butterflies aren’t necessarily mentioned in the Bible, 
they are a part of God's natural creation,  and they provide a beautiful picture of spiritual transformation.   When we die to our sins it can be seen as our “cocoon” stage of the caterpillar.  We then burst forth into a new everlasting life through the Savior Jesus. As a butterfly is drawn to sweet nectar, so we as believers taste and see that the Lord is good (Psalm 34:8),  and we begin to feed on God’s Word and are nourished by it.  We, like the butterflies, are freed from our dark cocoon and are free to live in the light of what God intended.

This necklace is approx. 28 3/4” in length.the pendant hangs an approx. 1 3/4”. Pendant is approx.  1” at its widest point.

A large portion of this sale will be given to

Bonton Farms Line: Crystal Butterfly Neckace

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