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BONTON FARMS line is going to be a special grouping of jewelry that I’m passionate about. I will be giving back with a large portion of sales from this line to Bonton Farms so get the word out. 
While making this pendent I reflected on the gift of God’s grace. When He gave us His son, Jesus, He gave us everything we needed.   “But God has shown us how much He loves us.  Even when we still did not obey God, Christ died on our behalf.” Romans 5:8. 
ALL of us have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  Jesus is not dead...He is ALIVE and wants us to accept the free gift of God’s grace so we can begin to live in the heavenly realm now...while we are still on earth and with Him for eternity. So, this pendant charm depicts Christ’s empty grave and the love our Father has for us.  Please message me if you want to receive His free gift or want to visit about who Jesus is and who he could be to you. 

I wanted to bring awareness about what Bonton Farms is.  So, I created a special line of resin pendants and charms to represent them. 
I gathered the components and placed embellishment in a special clay. After hardening, I then mixed a resin formula and colored it a light robin egg blue. Once cured it is a unique and special piece!! By purchasing something from my Bonton line, you are supporting businesses that I buy components from, you support me...a small business owner AND you are supporting a wonderful cause. Look Bonton Farms up on line!! You’ll be amazed!!

This bracelet, when laid out from end to end measures approx. 7 1/2” without charm. Charm is approx. 1 1/2” in length and 1 1/4” wide. 

Bonton Farms Line: God Wants My Heart bracelet

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