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Bonton Farms represents new beginnings as it works along side residents of the Bonton community. New friendships emerge and hope is given where there once was very little. The dove in this pendant, clutching the olive branch in his mouth, depicts a new and promising time on the horizon.  That is what Bonton has done. It has brought hope and health to this community and it has given those outside the community a better vision of coming together to serve each other. You see, a lot of the time we think it is ourselves that will be the blessing to others when in reality it usually results in us being the one blessed.  

BONTON FARMS line is going to be a special grouping of jewelry that I’m passionate about. I will be giving back with a large portion of sales from this line to Bonton Farms, so get the word out.

I thought what better way to bring awareness than to create a special line of resin pendants and charms to represent Bonton and what they are about!
I gathered the components and placed the embellishments in a special clay. After hardening, I then mixed a resin formula and colored it a light turquoise blue. Once cured it is a unique and special piece!! By purchasing something from my Bonton line, you are supporting businesses that I buy components from, you support me...a small business owner AND you are supporting a wonderful cause. Look Bonton Farms up on line!! You’ll be amazed!! 

This necklace, when laid out from end to end measures 
approx. 22 1/2” without Pendant. The pendant hangs approx. 1 1/2” from chain.  The diameter is approx. 1 1/4”

Bonton Farms Line: New Beginnings Necklace

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