Let’s look at bumblebees. They are particularly good at pollenating. Their wings beat 130 times or more per second, according to the National Wildlife Federation, and the beating combined with their large bodies vibrates flowers until they release pollen, which is called buzz pollination. Buzz pollination helps plants produce more fruit.
So much more to still learn about these beautifully created creatures made by the Lord.

BONTON FARMS line is a special grouping of jewelry that I’m passionate about. I will be giving back with a large portion of sales from this line to Bonton Farms, so get the word out. How wonderful God’s nature is to provide bees that organically know what their job is! This bracelet is a reminder of God’s glorious nature and how He has put order even in the life of bees. I thought what better way to bring awareness to Bonton than to create a special line of resin pendants and charms to represent Bonton and what they are about!
I gathered the components and placed the embellishment in a special clay. After hardening, I then mixed a resin formula and colored it a light turquoise blue. Once cured it is a unique and special piece!! By purchasing something from my Bonton line, you are supporting businesses that I buy components from, you support me...a small business owner AND you are supporting a wonderful cause. Look Bonton Farms up on line!! You’ll be amazed!! www.BontonFarms.org 

This bracelet features a sweet bumble bee in a silver filigree bezel. The bracelet, opened from end to end,  is approx. 7 3/4”. The charm is approx. 1” in diameter and hangs approx. 1 1/2” from toggle. 

Upon purchase, you can request size adjustments if needed.

Bonton Farms Line: Silver Bumbles Filigree bracelet