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BONTON FARMS line is going to be a special grouping of jewelry that I’m passionate about. I will be giving back with a large portion of sales from this line to Bonton Farms, so get the word out. Bonton Farms celebrates God’s goodness in so many ways. One way is through nature. I love this necklace and pendant because it depicts hope as we learn to bloom where we are planted. I thought what better way to bring awareness than to create a special line of resin pendants and charms to represent Bonton and what they are about!
I gathered the components and placed the embellishments in a special clay. After hardening, I then mixed a resin formula and colored it a light robin egg blue. Once cured it is a unique and special piece!! By purchasing something from my Bonton line, you are supporting businesses that I buy components from, you support me...a small business owner AND you are supporting a wonderful cause. Look Bonton Farms up on line!! You’ll be amazed!! 

This necklace, when laid out from end to end measures 
approx. 19 1/2” without Pendant. Pendants diameter is approx 1 1/4”

*Wholesale inquires please contact me through email listed on Contact page in header

Bonton Farms Line: Flowering Hope Necklace

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