MSRP  $65 and up

Hand connected chain comes to a closure with a reusable decorative lobster clasp for your other pendants. Featuring a golden hand crafted Bumble Bee set in special clay and tinted resin.  

Due to each piece being handmade, tinting color may vary. 

Length     :       Length can be
                             Customized. If
                             Length is more than
                             18 1/2”  add an
                             Additional $5 per

                             Pendant hangs an 
                             Additional 1 1/2”

Chain.      :        Chain may vary 
                             Due to supply in 
                             Stock. If concerned
                             Please reach out. 

Time         :        Please allow 2 weeks
                             For making and 
                             Shipping. Pendants
                             Have two processes
                             To go through to 

A  portion of this sale will be given to

Golden Bumbles on Gold chain